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Our Spring Fundraiser goal is 50k

We are seeking donors who believe in FFA's vision and want to see Possibilia Magazine happen. Donations will go into the production of the publication and everything that we need to do on our end to get it done.

Our current fundraiser is seeking $1k from 50 individuals, but we appreciate any amount of support! Donors who contribute at or above the $1k mark will be listed on an appreciation page in Issue 0. Thank you for your support in bringing Possibilia to life!

We absolutely accept donations of any amount - 

Read online!

Visit to read our regular publication of stories and vignettes while you wait for Issue 0!

Possibilia is a literary magazine that publishes optimistic, realistic, scientific fiction.


We're bringing you positive visions of the future, in magazine form — expressed through short stories and nonfiction companion pieces, brought to life with curated illustration and cutting-edge design.

Through Possbilia, we aim to provide a realistic survey of the landscape of possible futures, educated approaches to resolving future and present problems, and a skew toward optimism and personal agency. 


To that end, each issue will feature five short stories, each with their own companion piece written by an expert in a field relevant to that story. Each story will also have its own illustrator to build out worlds and characters through vivid representation. Throughout the magazine there will be snippets from the future - think a blueprint for a possible instrument, or a chat message interaction, or an imaginary event poster meant to evoke an idea or possibility. This will all be bookended by front-to-back cover art that invites readers into the worlds of possibilities inside.

Contributors and Collaborators wanted:

We're looking for volunteers who believe in Possibilia to help us get this thing off the ground. Contact us if that's you, or if you want to intro us to someone you know.

Writers and artists: We are currently accepting submissions here!

Please read our page on how to submit work to us - we look forward to seeing what you create!

Writers of optimistic, realistic, scientific fiction

Unique and skilled illustrators and digital artists

Sci & tech field experts interested in writing nonfic pieces

Superconnectors who want to intro us to folks

Fans of the project who will help us spread the word

Print industry pros itching to share their wisdom

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